Are you afraid of death? Do you mourn the decease of a beloved person? Then, maybe this true story can help you.

At all times there have been inexplicable phenomena connected to death. They are still felt today. The book “Segelfalter” tells us about them, it speaks about love, death and what came then.

In the mid-80s an intensive care nurse and a severely ill student of medicine fall in love. Their love hits them like lightning. Wonderful experiences, joy for symbolisms and extraordinary antennae for each other glue them together. About their planned marriage they have their first and only hard argument. A few weeks later he puts an end to their relationship. A 22 year long silence between them begins.

One day strange things happen in Andrea’s life that first she does not understand. A dream, a butterfly and a song will shatter her scientific view of the world.

This book brings confidence where there is none left. It raises and describes great feelings, gives consolation and rightfully creates hopes that death is not the final end!

Segelfalter - eine hoffnungsvolle Tragödie | avw(at)