In autumn 2013 I published what I called my open letter on the dark side of organ donation. In this letter I write about all the events I have had when I worked in intensive care and later in the organ donation unit of a major hospital in Munich. I have also included simple medical facts in order to counterbalance the massive ad campaign currently going on in Germany.

My aim is to put people in a position where they can make an informed decision about whether they wish to become an organ donor or not. As I am not familiar with the legal situation on other countries I am not sure whether all my thoughts really apply elsewhere. However, I can say that my open letter has received wide and even international recognition, e. g. it was broadcast by a Swiss radio-station and mirrored on many dedicated websites throughout the net.

I have, therefore, decided to add an English translation of the letter to serve an even more international public. As the frequency on my website is rather limited any republication of the letter is more than welcome!

Open letter on organ donation.pdf






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